Research Surveys
Our 360 surveys enable our clients to run confidential, customisable feedback surveys with quick completion and meaningful reporting.

360° or Multi-rater surveys, are a great way of obtaining developmental feedback for managers and individuals.

Our interface can be customized for your needs by using existing questions or by developing a bespoke survey, aligned to your business requirements.

  • Choose from a variety of interactive user interfaces that drive maximum participation.
  • Confidential and anonymous rating enables candid feedback from raters.
  • We assist our clients to develop question sets that will accurately measure what is important to their business.
  • Questions can be based on your company values, role-related competencies, leadership behaviours or whatever is relevant to your business.
  • Our platforms have built-in workflows facilitating rater selection, distribution of questionnaires and collection of results.
  • Completion tracking and reminders enable administrators to monitor progress and manage the survey process.
  • Our online reporting tools are easy to use and produce accurate, professional, confidential reports that provide useful feedback for participants and managers.
  • Pure Solutions consultants will provide you with customized reports and organisational overviews to inform your people strategy.

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