The popularity of mobile phones, particularly smart phones, makes interacting with customers quicker and easier than ever before.

App Development
Our innovative mobile solutions for IOS and Android are opening this new and exciting marketplace for our clients.

Innovative apps enable us to reach survey responders and potential customers and obtain real-time data accurately and effectively.

Pure Solutions provides the latest technology in online research and customer interaction solutions. Mobile is rapidly becoming the preferred means of communication. Our custom-designed survey and customer loyalty apps allow our clients to engage with their employees and customers in a personal, measurable and cost-effective way.

Our mobile apps and surveys are designed to work on both Android and IOS phone.

  • Reports available on-line; 24/7 under your personal secure login
  • Report summaries can be scheduled and delivered automatically via e-mail on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis
  • Quantitative reports are available as a pie chart which can be downloaded; as well as in an excel data file
  • Qualitative reports are available in excel format for analysis or importing into your in-house data system

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